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The Mission
Reza Baluchi has a dream to run thru all 194 recognized countries in the world to inspire us and unite us as a people. His dream is to share the lives of people around the world with complete transparency. He will broadcast the experience with a live camera and create a film. Stories of the human spirit and culture shall be told thru the eyes of our children as students. When Reza meets with children in our schools he asks that before his departure that we plant a tree together in his honor to remind you that we all come from the same roots. He will also ask for an endorsement from our leaders of each voluntary country in an effort to collaborate efforts for the betterment of all people. Working together for a strong foundation of purpose with transparency we will show the world that anything is possible!
» Meet with world leaders as a symbol of encouraging connectivity and have them sign their national flag as a symbol of their desire for peace among nations and as an endorsement of good faith to actively help the poorest of their country meet their basic needs.
» Speak with school children to tell his story, and plant a tree asa symbol of growing personal empowerment.
» Create a web-broadcast along the journey showing the humanspirit of every nation. (
» Organize "Run with Reza" events in dozens of cities, and have a festival on every continent, partnering with youth organizations, local government, sustainable living associations and renewable energy companies.
» Create a reality television show and feature documentary.
» Establish partnerships with local organizations for building projects like water wells, small medical centers and schools, thereby enriching the lives of thousands worldwide and creating jobs.
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Latest News

• 03/01/2010 12:35 AM
Reza to participate in Badwater Ultramarathon
Reza Baluchi will participate in the Badwater™ Ultramarathon, presented by adventureCORPS™. Often recognized as “the toughest foot race”, this race extends 3 days across some of California’s most extreme climates and terrains. The desert’s extreme weather conditions will challenge its racers in temperatures as high as 130F. Reza will run a non-stop distance of 135 miles from Death Valley, CA to Mt. Whitney, CA.

Badwater™ Ultramarathon, Presented by adventureCORPS™
July 12-14, 2010 (Monday – Wednesday)
Death Valley, California
Mt. Whitney, California
135 Miles
Up to 130°F